Desar Group aspires to take the leadership role of the manufacturing and trading of textiles and men’s elegant fashion in the region. It also strives to present the best quality by setting standards both in the product and service it provides. The group  follows  several strategies and works endlessly to improve the textile industry, variety of products, best service, development and investment in human resource and building entrepreneurial competencies that support the goals of the group. The group also constantly  optimises operations and internal policies in its facilities, as well as the technology used, all to produce and present a brand with strong economic value.

Desar Group has been known for years to stand for the best in textiles which is woven and produced in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Surely, Desar’s Shumagh is the biggest testament to this success. The first seed of the group was planted in 1991 when it was decided to present the first local produced shumagh with pride and excellence. Moreover, research and studies ensued to discover the secrets of the trade of Shumagh and textiles, and the market of Shumaghs in Saudi Arabia was surely changed, where Desar’s team took the initiative and revolutionized the shumagh market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.. Finally, building and operations took place in 1997, and ever since, the name Desar has stood for originality and high quality. These values still illuminate the name Desar despite the several decades of its existence.

Desar adopted the manufacturing of textiles and men’s clothes as a result of these studies and interventions. It also took on marketing and sales, not to mention more research and development of products, experience and human capital in Desar Marketing and Trade Est. and Desar Textiles Est.

Desar Group is passionate about its people. Therefore, it’s keen to foster “Can Do” culture by providing the best working environment, build and develop employee capabilities through on job and external training programs. This gives them the competencies needed and the motivation to enjoy their work and career progress. Desar believes in teamwork, this is why it welcomes strategic partnerships in all of its domains of business.

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